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Go Home Commie (in a funk stylee)

Hot Damn, you crazy commies better watch out! This little nugget from The Sound of Young America has a distinctly funky flavour to it. Most non-PC, I love it! It’s chock full of wholesome commie-hating lyrics like the following:

All through the land, that you love so dear
Go home commie, we don’t want you here

Beats back in the USSR any day of the week. There’s a direct download link here, but please make sure you visit The Sound of Young America if you use it. Via BoingBoing

Incidentally, if the song gets you into an anti-commie mood you could do worse than visit Fire!, a site about Herb Block, a satirical cartoonist who drew some fantastic cartoons about McCarthyism, including the one above.


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  1. Jesse says

    Thanks for the generous and thoughtful plug… you should check out THe Sound of Young America podcast!

  2. gnome says

    Amazing link! Just amazing. And scary, but in a funny way…

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