No plan survives first contact with the enemy

I had some great goals for 2017 in mind. I like to set goals each year and write them down as it helps me keep track of what I'm aiming for, what I achieve and how to improve myself the following year. The goals I set at the start of 2017 were:

I started the year with a debt-free bang, and some minor knee pain. As the year went on the knee pain got worse, I became constantly tired, and my workload picked up. Around the start of June my heart decided enough was enough, and from June till August I was pretty much out of action. 44CON still needed care, but I wasn't able to put in the time that I wanted, and this was probably reflected somewhat in the event.

I did manage to launch my first product, but I'm taking things a lot more slowly as I want to make sure I'm still around to enjoy it!

I learned about passive investing and managed to build up a reasonable portfolio. I'm on target, but my time out with heart problems has definitely impacted my ability to go out and earn a living. If anything it's reinforced my view that passive income is the way of the future for me.

My aims to be debt free have fallen totally wide of the mark, but in a very different way than I expected. Instead of avoiding debt, I learned how to use it on a short term basis. Right now it's just part of my workflow and is easily cleared. Next year I'm going to start making debt work more for me.

A goal that popped up in this year that I never expected to have was to get multiple days where I don't feel ill. I'm pleased to say that I'm on day 3 as I write. Whether the streak lasts, I won't know. In an ideal world I'd like to be strong enough to come off the beta blockers before the end of the year, spend Christmas at home and start some aerobic exercise before the new year. Beta blockers limit your heart rate, which is great for my palpitations but not so great for keeping fit.

As I head into the final stretch of the year, I know that next year my goals will be somewhat less lofty and more about a return to normal for me. In the meantime, I just have to focus on getting well.